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It's just over 3 months since I started my partnership. My commissions are starting now and the conversion is the highest I've ever had!

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It makes much more sense than just using the affiliate link alone. It makes it much easier for the lead to activate their store. 5 months since I started the partnership, 6.7x my commissions!

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In addition to increasing my Shopify commission conversion by 5 times, I also greatly increased my upsell sales. My leads leave with a ready-made store, much more aware of the next challenges that I solve with my product belt.

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  • This will depend on you and your audience. On average, 25% of your leads will activate the Free Trial on Shopify, and of these, 25% will stay for the 3 months required for you to earn your commission. We have partners who get over 60% of their leads activating the trial. We'll work with you to keep improving these numbers.

If you have an organic audience, you can send them straight to your funnel. Some of our partners maximize their results by using paid traffic, but this will depend on you and your strategies.

If you still have any questions about our platform, you can contact us at

The store will be set up with our standard theme. You don't need to worry about getting a Shopify theme.

A feature is already being launched for our partners to use Shopify's own themes. It is currently being tested and will be rolled out shortly

Today we can put up to 10 products chosen by you! All you have to do is send us a list of the products and the links to the suppliers you use.