Boost your Shopify commissions

Integrate our AI into your Direct Messages to achieve over 34% Shopify store completion rates from your audience!

+930,000 stores already built

8% of all Shopify stores worldwide have been created through our platform. We know exactly how to assist your customers in getting started.

No human need

Our AI will automatically create a store tailored to your audience. No need for designers or developers. Simply share the link with your audience, and our AI will handle the rest.

Pay for only what you use!

You only pay for leads who subscribes for any Shopify plan. There are no hidden fees – just a simple billing system tailored to your needs.

Get started in 3 simple steps:

Create your account

Select our pre-built template

Connect your Stripe account

Share your builder to your followers

Are you not a Shopify affiliate? No problem!

We are dedicated to motivating and supporting emerging influencers who have not yet affiliated with Shopify.

You can use our builder as a digital lead magnet to encourage reciprocity from your followers by offering them a fully set-up store at no cost.

This approach allows you to provide value upfront and later offer courses or other expertise related to online commerce.

Frequently asked questions

This outcome will vary depending on you and your audience. Typically, around 25% of your leads will activate the Free Trial on Shopify, and of these, 25% will stay for the 33 days required for you to earn your commission.

However, we have partners who achieve over 60% trial activation from their leads. We will work with you to continuously improve these numbers

There is no upfront charge to start using it. The cost is determined by the number of dropshippers who have subscribed to a Shopify plan. The starting price is $6 per activated trial, billed monthly. As the number of activated stores increases, we can lower this cost.

If you have an organic audience, you can send them straight to your funnel. Some of our partners maximize their results by using paid traffic, but this will depend on you and your strategies.

The store will be set up with our standard theme, so you don't need to worry about obtaining a Shopify theme.

If you have a custom Shopify theme that you'd like to distribute to your leads, we can set it up after your store is built

We already have a default product list to get you started.

However, you can choose up to 10 products! Just send us a list of the products along with links to your suppliers, if you prefer.